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Вставка ника в ShoutBox

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не могу найти какой код отвечает за клик на ник в shoutbox


думаю можно реализовать вставка ника в ShoutBox с помощью этого кода

<span class="author vcard">
<script type="text/javascript">
function insertnick(ra)
{ var sad = document.getElementById('EDITOR_ID');
sad.value += '[b]' + ra + '[/b]\n';
<a class="url fn" href='javascript:insertnick("{$post['author']['members_display_name']}");' title='Insert Nick'>{$post['author']['members_display_name']}</a> 
{parse template="user_popup" group="global" params="$post['author']['member_id'], $post['author']['members_seo_name']"}</span>

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skin_shoutbox --> shout_row


		<if test="$d['member_id'] && $this->registry->getClass('shoutboxLibrary')->moderator"><a href='#member{$d['member_id']}' onclick='return ipshoutbox.shoutAjax.modOptsLoadMember({$d['member_id']})' title='{$this->lang->words['mmenu_load_mod_opts']}'>{parse replacement="user_edit_icon"}</a> </if>
	<if test="$d['member_id']">
		<a href='{parse url="showuser={$d['member_id']}" template="showuser" seotitle="{$d['members_seo_name']}" base="public"}' title='{$d['members_display_name']}'>
{parse template="user_popup" group="global" params="$post['author']['member_id'], $post['author']['members_seo_name']"}</span>{$d['_members_display_name']}
</a>{parse template="user_popup" group="global" params="$d['s_mid'], $d['members_seo_name']"}
	<else />
		<abbr title="{$d['members_display_name']}">{$d['_members_display_name']}</abbr>

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