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Где находится ошибка синтаксиса

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<if test="hasannouncements:|:is_array( $announce_data ) AND count( $announce_data )">

<foreach loop="announcements:$announce_data as $aid => $adata">



<if test="$this->hasPinned=1">Объявления</if>




{parse replacement="t_announcement"}

<span class="topic_prefix">{$this->lang->words['announce_row']}</span> <a href="%7Bparse%20url=" showannouncement="{$adata['announce_id']}&f={$forum_data['id']}"" seotitle="%%{$adata['announce_title']}%%" template="showannouncement" base="public" }="" title="{$this->lang->words[" view_announcement="" ]}="">{$adata['announce_title']}</a><br>

<span class="desc">{$this->lang->words['posted_by']} <strong><a href="%7Bparse%20url=" showuser="{$adata['member_id']}"" seotitle="{$adata['members_seo_name']}" template="showuser" base="public" }="" title="{$this->lang->words[" view_profile="" ]}="">{$adata['member_name']}</a> {parse template="user_popup" group="global" params="$adata['member_id'], $adata['members_seo_name']"}</strong>

<if test="announcedates:|:$adata['announce_start'] AND $adata['announce_start'] != '--'">, {$adata['announce_start']}</if>






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Почему эта портянка не оформлена должным образом?..

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